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1. Still pretty down in the dumps. I also managed to sprain my bad ankle on Monday directly after my first personal training session at the gym. So. Ow. And flippin' typical. I immediately went to the doctor because I wasn't going to take any chances, but there aren't any breaks and it is feeling better than it was. Just back to being stiff and achy. Argh. I'm really grumpy about it. I'd managed a jog for the first time in 6 months and while I'm not back to square one, I'm definitely set back a little.

2. I miss looking forward to things. I looked forward to talking to him in the evenings. And planning the next time we'd meet up. I know this is temporary and there will be other things to look forward to, but it's hard to find them right now.

3. I have, however, rejigged my narrative. Last week I was saying: 'I'm so sorry that I couldn't be what he wanted.' Now, I'm saying 'I'm sorry that he couldn't be what I wanted.' It's a small change, but it's helping a little.

4. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is an amazing show and is currently seeing me through all this. Any other comedy show recs? I keep eyeing Schitt's Creek, but I'm not sure I want to start at the beginning.

5. I'd really like to do some writing, but have no desire to write about relationships, which is kind of what my current WIPs are based on.

I hope everyone is doing okay! Have a good Wednesday! ♥
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I really am trying to get back into this blogging thing. It'll click eventually!

1. I broke up with the fellow I'd been seeing for several months. It'd been a rather long-distance thing (8 hour train ride) but we talked every day. It's been really hard. I still can't actually say or write the words 'broke up' without tearing up. But, it was time. He'd really been pushing for me to move down to where he is and I just plain didn't want to. There's a 90% chance that I'll move back to the States in the next few years. I was happy to keep this casual and enjoy ourselves and that's not where he is. There were also other things about him that were giving me pause that I knew I couldn't live with. Thing is, I breezed past red flags and ignored my gut feelings throughout my marriage - I can't do that again. So I didn't.

We're planning to stay in touch and there appear to be no hard feelings, but we'll see. It still sucks and I still feel like crap. You'd think that doing the right thing would make you feel better, right? Dang it.

2. I'm doing ALL the self-care. I'm headed to the library on Saturday and have already requested a bunch of random non-fiction books about various topics just so I can read and take notes and enjoy the peace of the reading rooms. I'm making my favourite pasta dinner tonight. I'm starting a personal training thing at the gym on Monday with someone who runs a ladies-only bootcamp the rest of the year (so I trust her and she knows me and my skills). I'm also getting my hair cut next weekend. I can do this. *fingers crossed*

3. Driving lessons continue. Still hard. However, at my lesson on Tues (the morning after the break-up where, yes, I did cry on my driving instructor because of course I did - she's very nice and it was fine), I apparently had the best lesson yet and if I drove the same way on my test that I did on Tues, I'd pass. Yay! Progress!

4. I managed some decent writing last weekend on a WIP, which I wasn't expecting. But it was me, a cappuccino and my notebook in a cafe and the words appeared on the pages. Nice.

5. One last thing about this break-up (sorry, I'm such a broken record right now) is something my counselor said to me when I saw her last night: I'm having such a hard time right now because I wanted this to work. I cared. I connected with someone. I wanted a relationship. I let myself be vulnerable and open for possibilities. I tried and for awhile, I was really happy. And that's a good thing. I have no regrets about that whatsoever. I was strong where it counted and I listened to my gut and I did something about it. I can be proud of myself for that.

I hope everyone is doing okay! Happy Thursday! ♥
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1. Yuletide story has been betaed (THANK YOU!!!!!) and posted. I'm feeling pretty good about it and I kind of like it. I hope my recipient does, too. I've never written in this fandom before and it was fun to try to get into something that I encountered during my childhood.

2. I just need to get through the next 4 days and then I'm off for the holidays! Woo! I'm spending them with the new fella which should be interesting. And fun. Hopefully, a lot of fun! He actually has to work most days, including Christmas Eve and Christmas day. He apologised for it and I was like, 'My dude. My Christmas wish is to stay in my pyjamas until at least noon and raid your very incredible DVD collection. I will be fine. I will be watching telly and baking. I will be so very happy.'

3. I wrote 500 words of the next chapter of a'a tide of hope'! Holy schniekes! My goal is to publish the next chapter before the end of 2018.

4. Anyone have any non-fiction book recs? I've got a few lists I refer to, but if anyone has anything off the top of their head, that would be grand. I have a very long train journey this Friday as well as the return one. I have some fiction lined up, but it's always nice to have a non-fiction in reserve.

5. I...don't think I have a 5? I hope everyone has a decent Monday! ♥
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In an attempt to liven my DW back up, here's 5 Things on a Friday!

1. I am TOTALLY renting The Meg tonight. I love shark movies and I adore Jason Statham, so this is going to be so bad, it's AWESOME. (And how hilarious is it that when I went to add tags to this entry, I apparently already have a Jason Statham tag? Good job, past!Seren!)

2. I'm taking driving lessons. Yay? I have an American license, but since I'm a UK resident, I have to actually get a UK license. It's...going. I only ever learned automatic, so this whole clutch thing is nuts. And what's with the no stopping at junctions? What's this giving way nonsense? I'm from the land of if you don't STOP, you get a TICKET. It freaks me out. However, saying that, today my instructor said I drove my best yet. Woo!

3. I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping! All the gifts to US people were shipped out last weekend. I'm taking myself to a cafe tomorrow to do my Christmas cards.

4. I really, really, REALLY want to get my motivation back for a tide of hope, my Abigail Ashe-epic thing. I'd love to get just one chapter out before the end of the year. Any tips on how to get one's muse back in line?

5. I met my little god-daughter last night and she's adorable, I'm so smitten! She smiles and seemed very interested in my hair and glasses. I cuddled her all evening. And my little 3 year old nephew is OBSESSED with Thomas the Tank Engine. He KNOWS ALL OF THEM BY NAME. He gets a little upset when little sis heads towards his trains, though. He's clearly been taught how to 'politely' get his parents' attention though, because sis was headed straight for his trains and he said, at the top of his lungs, "EXCUSE ME, MOM AND DAD, EXCUSE ME, MOM AND DAD," while pointing at her. It was hilarious and he's such a clever fellow.

I hope everyone is well! Happy Friday!!! ♥
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Well, Tumblr is a dumpster fire of the usual fannish proportions, isn't it? I mean, I think we all saw this coming the second Yahoo bought it (And quite frankly, even earlier than that), but it still sucks. A lot. The one thing Tumblr had going for it was if I only had about 5 minutes worth of energy, I could scroll through my dash and still manage to interact in some way with a few different people with some Likes and Reblogs as well as get a small dose of fannish/political/pretty/small animal posts.

In any case, I'm going to attempt to revive my DW a little and see what happens.

And if anyone wanted an update on my going-ons...Seren's life these days )

I hope everyone is well! Happy Tuesday! Fingers crossed the next time I post it won't be a year from now.
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Dear lovely Yuletide author...

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for writing something for me! I promise you that I will enjoy it! The one thing I really want you to do is to have fun and enjoy yourself. I am pretty firm on my dislikes, but as for the actual story, go for it. If there's something you've been wanting to write with these characters that I don't mention here, go for it! That being said, here are some of the things I like and dislike as well as my story ideas.Read more... )
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Hello! *waves* I've been neglecting this journal and I don't mean to. I'd like to post more, but the day always seems to get away from me.

So, here are my usual five things!

1. My husband and I have definitely separated and will be filing for divorce one of these days. It's been hard but also good. We still chat and email and things are actually pretty darn all right. We were having coffee one day, looked at each other and went, 'whoa, we've done the right thing, haven't we?' I feel positive about more things now and it's been incredible to just have time to myself and to relearn who I can be and what I can do without having to worry about him. I'm working really hard at my job and taking on all sorts of responsibilites and actually getting recognized for them, in fact...

2. I'M GOING TO NEW ZEALAND IN JANUARY!!! The company I work for is based there and we're the European branch. They've received some new investment money and will be making some changes and they want me to go over and sit down with the team. Eeeeeee! I'm going to Middle Earth!!! I'll be mainly on the South Island near Dunedin, but I've already looked at day trips in the area. I can't wait. I'm also hoping to stop in Melbourne, Australia to see some family there.

Things are happening in very cool ways for me and I'm feeling really grateful for all the hard work that I've put in. You do all these things. You show up. You put in the hours. You're supportive and you work hard and honestly, most of the time, I never expect to see any kind of reward for it. When a reward actually happens, my first instinct is to actually go: Are you sure? Has there been some sort of mistake here?


I'm trying to squash that and just go with it.

3. I'm actually exercising. Yep. It's a 'boot camp' that's run two weeks every month from 6.30am-7.30am on the seafront and it's great. The ladies are wonderful and supportive and I have so much more energy and it's not in a gym. I mean, I still hate burpees and jogging, but I'd rather hate them outside than in a gym.

4. Oh, God, I'm so close to having this novel thing done I can taste it. I almost have it ready for some poor soul to read it. (If anyone wants to read this thing and be totally honest about what they think, let me know!)

5. That being said, I hope to finish that and then do something completely different for Nanowrimo. I have a standalone idea that I'd like to run with and see what happens.

I think that's enough for a Wednesday. All the positivity aside, things are still scary and I'm worried most of the time about the world and everyone in it. I hope you're all all right and making it through the days. Take care of yourselves! ♥
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Things on a Saturday!

1. Sooo, there are a bunch of people standing outside my house on their mountain bikes waiting to head up a very large hill that they will then cycle down. It rained rather hard last night so I'm hoping this won't end badly. *fingers crossed*

2. In writing news, I'm about to write another chapter of my never-ending 'Abigail Ashe and Billy Bones are stuck on a deserted island, whatever shall we do?' and in my head, this was going to be a simple, calm before the storm type chapter. But now I have ideas and they're all about Abigail's agency and what it means to have power and it's good stuff, but ugh. This was supposed to be simple! Bloody brain.

3. I'm reading the following poem at my sister-in-law's wedding in a few weeks, and I really need to practice, but it's one of my favorites.

Sonnet XVII - by Pablo Neruda

I don't love you as if you were the salt-rose, topaz
or arrow of carnations that propagate fire:
I love you as certain dark things are loved,
secretly, between the shadow and the soul.

I love you as the plant that doesn't bloom and carries
hidden within itself the light of those flowers,
and thanks to your love, darkly in my body
lives the dense fragrance that rises from the earth.

I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where,
I love you simply, without problems or pride:
I love you in this way because I don't know any other way of loving

but this, in which there is no I or you,
so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand,
so intimate that when I fall asleep it is your eyes that close.

4. Speaking of, I'm very ready to go on my holiday! Rhodes! Greek Islands! Kayaking in blue grottos! I'm going to have to get SO much sunscreen.

*Yes, this is very relevant to my upcoming trip as the hen do is Mamma Mia themed. Oh, dear.

5. I don't think I really have a 5, other than I'd really like to go see the new Alien movie, but I think we're going to be out of town when it's here.

Have a wonderful Saturday! ♥
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Hullo! I have been TERRIBLE about linking to fic updates, so the following are things I've written this year.

Black Sails:

a tide of hope, Abigail Ashe/Billy Bones, 9/?, WIP

Summary: Abigail Ashe awakens to find herself shipwrecked on an island. However, she is not alone. Abigail Ashe/Billy Bones, post season 3.

he's good and he's bad (and he's all that i got), Abigail Ashe/Billy Bones, 5/5, Complete

Summary: There wasn’t anyone left. Not really. Some had fallen in battle, some had just…disappeared. At least the sea remained. Waves still crashed on the shore and birds still flew in the sky and Billy Bones tries to move on. Eventual Billy Bones/Abigail Ashe, but everyone shows up eventually.

The Vampire Diaries:

impossible, extraordinary things
, Caroline/Klaus, 1/1, Complete

Summary:"Anyway! Selkies. They’re real and they’re scrappers, can I just say. I mean, you need someone who’s not afraid to play dirty and pull hair, they’re your girls. And guys. They’re a few guys, but mostly ladies. We bonded," Caroline says over the phone.

"I can only imagine,” Klaus says picturing her running through crashing waves, her hair a golden fan around her face as she laughs. He imagines that her skin tastes of salt and he burns.

Caroline sees the world and Klaus definitely doesn't wait for the phone to ring. Future fic, Klaus/Caroline

The 100:

i just wanna be (the sum of your broken parts), Clarke/Bellamy, 1/1, Complete

Summary: 'Bellamy smells nice,' is the second thought that comes into Clarke's head.

Her third thought is 'How can he smell so nice? He hasn't properly bathed in at least two weeks, how can he smell good?'

Naturally, her very first thought is 'Oh, crap, did they see us?' Future fic, Bellarke.

Happy Friday, everyone!
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Well, I've waffled about whether or not to stop cross-posting and I've decided to stop. So, this will be my last post on LiveJournal. I'm not deleting my journal, but I won't be renewing or signing their new TOS.

I feel really rather sad about this. LJ is where I met so many amazing people who are now friends and I learned how to write and create and well, yeah.

BUT! I'm fairly active on Tumblr and I'm trying to get back into Dreamwidth, so come find me!



Friend me wherever!  I wish everyone all the best and I'll see you in the ether somewhere!  


Apr. 2nd, 2017 03:13 pm
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Hi there!

I don't have much to post, but I haven't posted ANYTHING in ages, so, here are five things that are occurrin'!

1. I'm trying to get my original novel thing into a 'truck draft' stage. This term originated (I think) with Jenny Crusie, as in 'I could get hit by a truck and the novel could stand on its own'. I have a lot of editing to do.

2. I started Crossfit last week and my thighs still haven't forgiven me. Oh, God. I regret everything. But I'm going to try to stick with it and see how it all goes. I just want some energy back.

3. Work is a thing and it's an okay thing and there are lambs all over the place.

4. I'm on Goodreads! I'm Seren Pen and I'm trying to get the hang of it.

5. I'm going to Greece late this year! It's for my sis-in-law's wedding and she's asked me to read something at the ceremony. Eee! I'm flattered and a little nervous.

Happy Sunday! ♥
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I wrote a thing!

a new normal (2573 words) by seren_ccd
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Hooten & the Lady (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Alex/Hooten
Characters: Lady Alexandra Lindo-Parker, Ulysses Hooten

“No,” Hooten said slowly looking at Alex like she was mental. “You’re not used to pain. I’ve met people who are ‘used’ to pain and you are not one of them. You’re just…used to all this.” Hooten and Alex have a chat about getting used to things. Alex/Hooten.

I seriously hope this show comes back for another season, it was delightful!
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I'm sitting in the Tallahassee airport waiting for my flight to Atlanta, then I'm flying to Manchester, then taking a train back to Wales.  It's been a very busy holiday.  I'm exhausted and I have a cold, naturally.  I spent most of New Year's Day in the ER with my grandmother-in-law who is 90 and was severely dehydrated and NO ONE was doing anything. So I did something.  Good news - she's much better after a few days of fluids and antibiotics.  Bad news - she's 90?  With severe osteoporosis and her husband is also 90 and well, they need care.  Hopefully, they'll get someone to come around during the day.

I have eaten SO MUCH.  Shrimp po'boys, meatloaf, standing rib roast, steak tenderloin, massive salads, eggnog milkshakes, lots of Corona's and margaritas.  I'm a very full bunny right now.

I only saw one movie and that was Sing, the animated movie with Matthew McConaghey as a koala and Reese Witherspoon as a pig.  It was pretty adorable and had a great soundtrack. 

I'm also very ready to go home to my husband and the sea and our funny-shaped house and all the sheep. :D

I'm also ready to get back into writing.  I have three writing 'goals' for the year:

Finish my Abigail/Billy, Black Sails EPIC.
Type up my ghost story that I mostly finished in November.
Start the sequel to the above.  This is the one with the werewolf accountant who has lately begun to look a great deal like John Cho in my head.  Because reasons.

This year we're also going to Greece for a wedding and hope to visit Oxford and maybe somewhere else for the fun of it.  It's going to be a tough year, so we're trying to get some coping mechanisms in place ahead of any inevitable troubles.

I hope everyone had a nice holiday and I'm sending all my good thoughts and best wishes to everyone for the New Year.  ♥  Happy Friday!
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I had SUCH a good time writing for Yuletide this year!

i’m a diver, love (and you’re the ocean) - Abigail Ashe/Billy Bones, Silver/Flint - Black Sails for @hiddencait

Summary: “Oh, I do beg your pardon,” Abigail said as she looked up.  She froze when two blue eyes stared down at her. She exhaled, “Oh…”

Billy Bones stared down at her in confusion, but the confusion cleared quickly and recognition flared. Abigail heard a rushing in her ears that reminded her of the sound of water splashing against the hull of a Spanish warship and something stirred in her blood that she thought had long gone dormant.

After several years, Abigail Ashe has returned to England, but her story is far from over.

even if you cannot hear my voice - June Moone/Rick Flag - Suicide Squad for jedi-buttercup

Summary: June Moone is not an idiot.  She shouldn’t have picked up that damn idol, all right?  She knows.  God, does she know.  But one little lapse in the name of scientific curiosity does not make her a complete idiot.  She knows that Colonel Waller has plans and those plans include the Enchantress.  June knows this and sees it coming from a mile away.

Rick Flag, however, she does not see coming.  June Moone/Rick Flag RST.  Major spoilers for the movie.
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Y’all I was SO lucky this year!  I got three whole fics just for me!!!!

Find a Penny, Houdini & Doyle - oh, this fic is WONDERFUL!  My Adelaide!  She’s so strong and she’s going to figure herself out and it’s fantastic!

The Statue’s Wander, Houdini & Doyle - There’s mystery!  There’s a statue!  Adelaide, Houdini and Doyle are delightful and SO MUCH FUN!

Of Earth and Sea, Northmen-A Viking Saga - GOSH, I WONDER WHO WROTE THIS.  I love this tiny little fandom of only two people.  :D  This is such a lovely, lovely lyrical fic, I’m so happy!!!

In other words - I’m super, super happy!!!!!
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I was tagged for this on tumblr and thought I'd post it here, too.

10 Good Things In 2016

Tagged by the lovely @thefairfleming

1. My immediate family is safe and healthy and, ultimately, happy.

2. I have an interesting and varied job that I’m made myself indispensible for and I’ve learned SO much and I’m really enjoying it. (I work in a farmhouse! There are so many SHEEP and DOGS!)

3. I finished the bare bones of my original novel that I’ve been working on for four years. I just need to get all the pieces together and fill in some blanks. And write the sequel.

4. I finally allowed myself to realise that getting an upper back massage isn’t a luxury, but something that I actually need to get through the month.

5. Ghostbusters! Black Sails! Lucifer! Constantine! Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries! Bob Ross! From Dusk till Dawn! - Just a few things that I watched and enjoyed this year.

6. I’ve learned so much about so many different things that are affecting people around the world. I’m limited in what I can do, but I’m doing all that I can. I voted for a woman to be the president of the United States and that’s no small thing.

7. I walk beside the sea every morning.

8. I’ve gotten to know new people - in person and virtually and I’m so happy to know you all!

9. I got to travel to St David’s, Pembrokeshire, Wales and it was lovely!

10. Despite this year trying to kick my butt, I haven’t let it. I’ve stayed aware of my limitations and helped myself to take better care of myself and my family. I’ve drawn boundaries and kept to them and feel better for it. 2017 is going to be tough, but I can do it. So can you! I love you all!
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Oh, wow - this has been...a month. Let's just leave it at that! Anyhoo! If you have a snippet you'd like to share - go for it!

A nice trip to the library )
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Hi everyone! How is November treating you so far? I'm NOT enjoying the time change. It's now dark when I leave the office at 4.50pm. Not. Cool.

How is the writing going? I've done fairly well this week until today. I think I'm just tired, but I'm going to try to get something written. In any case, here's a little snippet that I've been trying to work on.

Cwm Alaw is a lot like Stars Hollow from the Gilmore Girls but with more weird stuff. )

What have you all been up to? Feel free to share or ask a question or anything! Happy Sunday! ♥
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Well, it looks like people might be up for a Sharing Sunday of some sort. (alliteration unintended!) But I thought I might kick this Sunday off with more of a time to list the challenges you're looking forward to, or dreading, this month.

Mine is pretty simple:

I'm terrified that I'm not going to finish the darn thing. Not the word count part! The words I can do. It's the getting a beginning, a middle, and an end down on paper. The thing is, I know what they are. I know how it starts and I know how it ends. It's the getting there that I have trouble with. I kept finding myself getting bogged down in the details. Which is why I'm doing the whole 'just write and edit later' thing in the first place.

Still, I'm very worried that I won't finish. Well, *fingers crossed*.

How about you? What are you looking forward to this month writing-wise? Happy Sunday! ♥
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Ugh. Sunday night. Always the worst. I think it's a holdover from being a kid and worrying about going to school on Monday. Bleh.

Anyway, this is actually a GIP (gratuitous icon post) because I love my new icon of Tulip O'Hare. This was hands down the best scene in the whole series.

In other news, I'm doing NaNo, as I may have mentioned, but if anyone else on my friendslist is doing it, do y'all want to turn Sunday into a Sharing Sunday kind of thing? I'm happy to post something and you can share a snippet or a question or simply wail into the void about your characters or writing or anything in general.

Anyone interested? [Poll #2056167]

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Happy Sunday? ♥


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